Tuesday, 7 August 2012

One thing with being in the pole testing business is that no matter where you go, you are always noticing the poles.  I noticed these ones on the weekend while down the coast.

This one has clearly been hit from several directions and propped back up each time.  A bit of gaffer tape holds the column in shape.

This second image is a slip base pole.  I'm not sure where its foundations are.  Normally the lower set of bolts emerge from a large block of concrete and steel reinforcing to which the pole is secured .  In this case, there is no concrete - or reinforcing.  The bolt on the nearest corner is just a loose bolt with a nut threaded on it - not actually part of any foundation. I'm not entirely sure what's holding this pole up.  The whole thing is rocking back and forwards in the gentle breeze and sitting at an odd angle.  You can see where a couple of washers have been used as spacers to get the column vertical. Those washers are supposed to be under the heads of the bolts on the shear join.

A short walk down the road revealed several more light poles in similar condition.  I wonder if the asset owners are even aware of the situation.  We will be letting them know about these poles, but really, what they need is a program to systematically test and prove the integrity of their infrastructure.