Wednesday, 9 October 2013

An article we recently published in the Rocla newsletter.

Pole testing helps Council prioritise spend

June saw Rocla’s Rei-Lux business contracted by the Parramatta City Council to test and measure the structural integrity of forty lighting poles around the city.

The lighting poles are on sports fields maintained by Parramatta City Council and are of different ages and made of different materials. As such, they have aged differently and the council needed to find out which should be replaced soonest.

Rei-Lux’s patented three dimensional testing and measuring technique, which uniquely exposes potential defects from below ground to the top of a column, was used to test each of the lighting poles in situ.

The Rei-Lux team was able to identify a number of poles that were not up to standard, allowing the council to prioritise spending on replacements and avoid unnecessary work.

About Rei-Lux Pole Testing

Rei-Lux’s testing process employs a 24 volt electric motor, with an out of balance weight attached to it, to make the poles oscillate. As the motor slowly increases in speed, the pole begins to vibrate.  Lasers and a special camera are then used to record the movement of the pole and, by analysing this movement, the team can learn about the structural integrity of the pole. 

“We often find light fittings that are not securely attached and foundation problems where the pole is either not bolted down properly or the ground is not capable of adequately supporting it. This is of huge value to our clients,” says Justin Marriner, Rei-Lux Field Technician.

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